About Me


Hello world,welcome to my life.  I am an engineer by training, entrepreneur by accident, and an athlete by nature.  Soccer was my first true love, but mostly I love anything where I can compete.  I consider myself a retired swimmer after my 4 years of swimming at Carnegie Mellon, and fell into triathlon to continue training and competing in athletics after college.  I ran track in high school, so I had a decent enough starting point there, but learning to ride a bike was a whole other story.  As a kid, I rode on a bike just enough to say I knew how, but otherwise steered clear of that two wheeled death machine.

In 2012, as a recent graduate and aspiring entrepreneur (read: earning $0/hr), I decided to spend nearly my entire life savings on the cheapest entry level road bike I could find and take up triathlon.  Probably one of the best irrational decision I ever made, right up there with deciding to start a company rather than pursue a more typical post-college career path.


I’m still trying to figure out how to navigate the world of triathlon and startups, with some amount of “regular life” speckled in between.  All that’s guaranteed is that every day is an adventure.



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